Sellers of Pen

Anwar Ul Haque

For little money they sell the pen

Worse than animals; are these men!

Hide the truth and propagate falsehood

It was better if they were dog or a hen


Eyes closed, lips tight

Impotent, can not pick a fight

Against the global might

In complete prostration with delight


Chains in necks; so stiff

A wall in front and a wall behind

With dizzy head, full of mischief

Canít think clearly, path canít find


Intellects; so called, a disgrace

 Dark souls, walking dead bodies

Arrogant idiots, ugly face

Puppets and puppies personifies


Canít listen, see and utter truth

Could be anything but alive!

No more than a sales booth

Selling fabrications, blatant lies  


Acting like monkey, talking like parrot 

Slaves of greed and unquenchable lust

Rotten rat or a copy cat at best!

Heart full of rust, mind full of dust!