54th PMA Long Course
The      PRIDE    54th  PMA

 1st Pakistan


 2nd Pakistan




Abbott Abad was chilled due to winter of 1974 when youth from all over the Pakistan started their journey toward in the 2nd week of November. The 245 jubilant  youths were carrying their full baggage to join Pakistan Military Academy for a lengthy 694 days Military & academic training from 9 Nov 1974 (Saturday 24 SHawwal 1394 A.H.)  to 16th Oct 1976 (Saturday 22 SHawwal 1396 A.H). All these when entered the gate of Academy they were immediately given a warm welcome by the senior cadets in order to join the ranks of "Gentleman Cadet".

Gentlemen cadets were distributed in the following companies of two battalions:

1st Pakistan Battalion (Quaid-e-Azm's Own) 2nd Pakistan  Battalion
      Khalid Company       Baber Company
      Tariq Company       Ghaznavi Company
      Qasi Company       Aurangzeb Company
      Salauddin  Company       Tipu Company

PMA was a turning point in the life of those 245 youngsters who joined 54th PMA Long Course and left a life long memorable impression.  On 16th Oct 1976 only 216 stepped up the stairs of the 1st Pakistan Battalion Mess from the drill square to enter in to a new life as commissioned Officer.

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